Full Version: withdrawal
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i inform i withdrew 0.010 btc .... after more than 24 hours ... i am very satisfied with site ... though i can not earn anything there ... there are 4000 ads ... about .. but we get nothing for clicking them ... this is more difficult to understand than recyclix's agenda ...but okay .. we are onliners ... we click what we can ... !
Actually, you get Omni-Time for clicking the ads. Currently, the team is implementing a new marketplace for trading Omni-Time and dollars. So it will be possible soon to really get something for clicking  Wink
I really like OMNI-CASH Smile my profit is over 100 $ and I`m glad to say "Thank you" to administration of this project right here in forum! Rolleyes Wish you prosperity!
I am totally happy with the site and at present do not wish to withdraw, using the advertising and building slow but sure
i see ... we have now to click about 3500 campaigns to be able to earn 1 $ and buy one share .... or 1700 clicks to rent zombies
Maybe you should consider to invest a few bucks to get shares ;Winkhen it will go faster than you think
Thank Admin For Approving My Withdraw Request

Below the proof ((this is my 2nd Payment))
[Image: 33yrpm1.jpg]

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin