Full Version: P2P Average earning per view dropping
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Has any one else been experiencing their average earning per view dropping?

For me, from the 22nd of December and before I was getting about $0.00055 per view which for me translated to about $0.45 per day. About half way through the day on the 23rd, it dropped to 1/5 of that so for the last few days, I am getting closer to $0.00011 per view or $0.09 per day.

I don't have any refs yet, only zombies. I am wondering if I am being penalized for that or if it is a global change that all are earning less per view now. I am working on getting some organic referrals now.

I currently have 16 active shares and 220 active zombies and have not made any withdrawls.

Anyone else having similar experiences?
Yes, the same happen to me
PTP nearly zero

Yes, the same happen to me
PTP nearly zero
Today i have a P2P earning 0.20$ CPM.
it seems the ptp earning be put at 0.10$ cpm

hard to earn something now
I think there is a drop in PTP for everybody. There is always a drop in adnetworks CPM around Christmas time so probably Omni-Cash gets also paid less for the impressions. Hopefully the CPM will increase again later on.
Yes PTP dropping is much more for me : since 15 octobre it dropped from "normal" to absolute ZERO.

this is a crazy dropping   Angry
any way of increasing the ptp value? any tips?
for me CPM is 0.107$