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Get bitcoins to search - banditqueen - 01-02-2017

Join searchtrade, get paid in bitcoins for every search

RE: Get bitcoins to search - hbss - 02-22-2017

Is that URL serious?
Tell us more.

RE: Get bitcoins to search - banditqueen - 02-25-2017

SearchTrade Uses Bitcoin to Reward People using the Search Platform

Three Ways To Earn Bitcoin here

Stakeholders can earn payments in three ways:

By searching. Performing a search earns the user a small fraction of a bitcoin, which goes into the user’s wallet.
By “owning” key words. SearchTrade provides an exchange platform for users to buy and sell key words. Users can buy key words they think will be popular in searches. Each time someone searches that term, the system rewards the “owner.” The key word prices are set by the open market.
By building web and mobile apps that use SearchTrade’s platform. Developers earn bitcoins when a user performs a search using their app, even if the searcher is not a signed-up SearchTrade user.